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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  December 18, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EST

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struggling to make up for loss time... ttnight on fox45 news at five.- 3 3 3
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a baltimore city schhol goes into lockdown after a woman delivering aabirthday cake gets intooa knife figgt with a - national academy foundation prep middle school s back opee... but many parents are - safety.meean gglliland is live ii east baltimore with a story youure seeing first on fox. 3 good morning guys,policeesay a women carrying a cakeeand balloons... walked p to thee front of the sshool here yesterday and said she had a dellvvry forrher sister.but 3& building... we're told she did not follow protocol. -3 protocol.instead offgoing to & thh front office... the 21- year old women went to the cafeteria.when n administratoo conffonted pulled out a knife and cut the school administratorron his hands.immediately... the schooo went
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into lockdown. as &weee ffantic.with this on op connecticut... some parrnts saa thee're worried about their chhlddee's safety. 3 (carmen lynch-parrnt)"the kids 3 looked doors... more security and itsscrazy kids need security in thhir sshools" schools"no studeets ere hurt &pduring the incident.the chool administrator was sent tt the hospital. 3 this orning... the suspecc is waking up at city llck up facing a long list oo ccarggs. live i east baltimore, megaa &pgilliland, fox45 morning news. 3 a two-aaarm fire breaks out at a homeein dundalk. happened around 5-45 last night alongg sswood -3 road... near stricker mmddle school schooofiiefighters ay wo chillren who were home attthe -3 time called onn was hurt.there's nooword on aa - cause.
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3 expecc more travel disruptions airport tooay due to fog. according to their webbitt... most of he departures oo the schedull for this mooning have -&pbeen canceled.there are.. however.. still several flights thattare still morning... and departing on time this aaternoon.this has been going on siice monday -3 aaternoon... when hhavyyfog groundedd ll flights aa the -& irport.the sittation left passeegers eetherrstanddnggin llng lines.. or onnthe phone seevice.. trying to re-book flights.. 3 (ms. finnh) "i'm frusttaaed because the customer servicve - pgent useddtte wwrd accomodations, but theee -3 aren't any accommodations to be made here." here."(ms. colgan) "it's the holidays, it's the weether, pou can't do anything bout itt but the people i wook for aren't going to be happy. ii have o do payroll tomorrow.. nn one else knows how to do it (llughter)" plauggter)" aiiport officials say they don't know when noomal operationn will reeuuee. they say the f-a-a -3&pwwll ecide. they - airlines before headinggtoothe airpprt to catch a flight.. orr to pick up r droppoff passengers..
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3 hooeownerr inn omerset county will be eligible for federal funns... to hell over coots &associated with hurricaae ssndy. sandy.the federal emergency manaaement aaency approved the aid on appeal... but rejectedd requests made by dorchester, - parrett, wicomiio and worcester counties.most maryland couuties are eligible forrmore baaic forrs of federal ddsaster assistance... and loans tt local govvrnmentt. that includes the recent additions of carrollland 3 we have new details abouttthe final days oo an oregonnman... befooe he opennd fire in a crowddddmmll n portlandd portlann.accooding to ourr -& ddccments, 22 year old jaaob tylee roberts' roommate ssys 3 and movvngghoors aafer the deadlyyshooting ramppge on tuesday, the roommate called a tip line and told miggt be responssble..ourt ddcuments lso say the weapon uued in the shooting was legalll purchased by a friend of roberts...who woke up to
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find it issinggroberts killedd two ppople, and njured a third... efore taking his own & life. 3 in texas, one community it comes tt gun safety...even 3 the "eagle gun range" ... the ake of the newtown tragedy... mann people are pushing for ore gun control...but dvocaaes say.. 3 bbhind the un.... not the weapon itself. 3 "we opened the rrnge is to pducaae children to train them pn the correcc way to use them --3 pnd ii an be a fun sport, ii &&pdoesn't have tt be a dangerous sport." while both sidee of the issue dissgree on what needs to bee - seems they both agree... thattsomething needs 3 children aaen't harmed. the world's oldess woman... &&phaa died. dded.dina manfredini passed awaaymooday in iowa... at the age of 115.she waa born on april 4thh 18-97... nd came tt des moinnssfrom italy inn
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19920. manfredini held the title from gginness world records for just a few weeks... when the previius record-holdee passed away at the age of 116. 3&p a nationwide competition for a 0 ttousand dollar grant is doww to the last twoodays. and tte mount washington 3 of 22 hundred entries. entties. that's impressive, but only the top spot, gets - the mmney... so joel d. smith is ive at the school now too see what the students are top, anddsee exactly whh the -3 pmney is needed rrghh now. now. 33 3
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3 cominggup on the earlyy edition... wwiters foolowing aadream. dream.the avenues ttey an take... to get published. &p
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((traffic reporter ad libs)) libs))((trrffic reporter ad - liis))map greenspring liberty
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33 40 map 3 3 3 3- 3 coming up... injuries eep piling up for the ravens. ravens.the defensive player who will miss the rest of the season. 3 (joel d. smith)"i think its a & ream and you go for t and happens..ideas that inspire
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people... to writeebookk... including ourrown joel d smith. where he found his mmse. -3 3 ((break 2)) have a good night. here you go. you, too. i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today.
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3 it's on so mann 3 bucket lisss: to wwite aabook. but finddngga waa to get it publishhd can be overwhelming. &pkaahleen ccarns examines that pubblshing puzzle... innthis morniig's cover storyy.. 'from pen to print'.
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print'. 3 (-naas book droppinn) -3 every story begins with just..... aa idea. (-nats & book dropping) for foo45's -3& joel d. smith..... the ision 3 truck. (joel d smiihh ""he truck isskindd ourrsecond home.. especially when ww are out dding live shhts.. alllthe timm" between hose live shots... (joel d smith) "i guess insppration strikes.. goiig to be" while he's paid to write reality at work... but finds fictioo : fun. pjoel ddsmith) "there's a hoof print from a reindeer" it startee with a woods... (reeding book)"this story starts close to the end... " p transformed to sketches... and ended uu... a children's (joel d smith) "its easy to publish if you just want to 3 it!"froo conccpt to book -3 covvr, t took him two yearss think its a dream and you go for it and see what happens." at grretings and readings... innhunt valley..... another &pauthor... agrees. (author)"the first book i wrote was dreams do existtand it folllwed me & throogh my minor league caarer." daryl smith found
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when his major league baseballl pcreer enddd... his quest to publish bboks...began. he's pritten six so far, five are phiidden's bookk... ww is for a wwiter hoping to & publlsh: (daryl)"sometimes thee best route epends on your pocketbook how muchhyou can actually afford." he self- publlssee.... that wwy youu reap bigger profits(reading book quick nat pop )"things were going fine once i reached instructional camp" but it is also harrer to publicize and push the product. (daayl close)"as longgas you sold a book you should e happy what i lookkat ow is.. success for -3 me is bringgig inspiraaion to other peeple." otives for -3 authors someeimes have nothingg to do withhmaking money. & ((((female author))))) "it's beneath thh mimosa tree....ts ssephanie vernii is aa university of towson professor... who self- pubbished. (stephanie
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verdii"because of my packground innpublications... - i am a control freak ann -3 decided to do it myself and amazon makes it eaaly easy & through create ssace."her gooal &pwas to seeethe story in print. (stephanie verdi)"itt not a money maker... not yet anyway!" (((voice only over book store shots)))" the hardest thing is not tte publishing or wrtingg - phe booo... it'' marketing it!" ((((cllssroom nats- ssephen journalist 6 or 7 yearr.," -3 fox 45 investigative proddcer stephen janis co-authored a book.... 'why do ww kkll' now he's on the speaking classrooms:... nats-"we all share in baat pension for is very different:((anis) - called balt true criie and thhy offered to puulishhmyy book as part of a deal ss thee -3 are publishing it for me actually"for janis: & (janis) "once you make money its a success.... the ook launched other ventures... like speaking engagementss helping him to spread his &pmessage about too much violence.. in urban communnties... from pen to a two fold enttrprise."frrm
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3 balt kc foxx44 news at 10 -3 3 some authors also ire agenns & who can hannle the entire publishing process. howeeer an & agent feeecan take as much as 60-percent of the salls. 3 coming up...theeravenn lose three straight. straighh.whyyjje flacco a game all season. 3 ((break 3))
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3 coming up in our 6 o'clock hour... easing the ppin... f newtown, connecticut residents. thht have been broughh in to help with the healing process.
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3 3 3 3&pdozens of flights.. canceled due o fog.when things will be bacc oo schedule at the airport. 3 and.. the lengths some people the end of theeworld. 3 3 3 puesday, deeember 3 18th 3 3


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